Three Big Myths About Good Study Habits

They must able to apply Biblical principles to present-day issues and situations. They should prepare their sermons with a Bible in one hand and a newspaper in the other. They will enable their congregations to recognize issues that are against the spirit or the letter of the God’s laws, and encourage them to take action to rectify the matters in question.

Be ready to answer questions about science, and remember that simple answers will do. Introduce him to nature right outside your door! Discover all the living creatures in your backyard. Watch how they live, work, and play.

Then followed several years of teaching and earning a doctorate in literacy studies and educational psychology. In 1995, I started teaching college and continue as a professor to this day. As time went on, I thought that was that.

Well, you may not know who the Secretary of State was (Mr. Hull), but you would have to be pretty unobservant not to have noticed that the second question provides a big clue–the answer, in fact–to the first.

I had to study every night after dinner. The research again is clear: studying at several different times, rather than in one block of time, provides for more effective learning.

The amenities they offer include: a heated swimming pool, hot tub, laundromat, recreation lounge, tv room, billiards room, card room and exercise room. They encourage their residents to interact with each other and enjoy each others’ company by arranging weekly bingo, bridge and other card games. Sometimes they even offer French and Spanish classes. Each month they have 2 pot luck dinners and on Thanksgiving and christmas they have a dinner for all of their residents. The first Saturday of every month they have a sausage and pancake breakfast. For special occasions they have dinner/dances with live music.

I was brought up believing that. However the research evidence is that you retain much more of what you learn if you study in a variety of locations. Apparently the learning, mostly unconsciously, gets associated with many different environmental cues, and that more deeply embeds the learning in your brain. Thus increasing study skills.