BIGchange Educational programme

BIGchange Educational programme empowers young people to become global citizens of tomorrow. BIG change educational programme is more than curriculum, its a curriculum for life; it’s a movement of students who believe that some of the most powerful learning experiences happen when you become the BIGchange you want to see in the world. By taking global, national and local actions, BIGchange educational programme helps students gain a wide range of skills that they will keep for life and will gain perspectives that challenge apathy and encourage themselves and their peers to become #BIGchangers..

Why BIGchange Educational programme?

BIG Stop Day is the manifestation of the #BIGchange Programme. In these stadium-sized events, we empower youth to become everyday change makers and kick start the #BIGchange movement to create change in our society..

8 steps of BIG change
Sign up for our #BIGchange educational programme.This automatically signs you up to BIG stop day.
Book your school place for the #BIGchange school tour.This tour empowers and pumps your students in preparation for BIG Stop Day and the year long programme ahead.
Attend BIG Stop day Chicago. Be prepared to be empowered and get ready to take action.*up to 40 tickets are available per school whilst tickets last. (Tickets are free).
Return to your school after BIG Stop Day. Connect with your #BIGchange coordinator to start your journey.
Discover the BIG Stop national campaign based on the yearly empowerment issue. Discover your local issue, deepen your students knowledge on your chosen local issue.
TAKE ACTION!!! Set goals! Create milestones! Develop action ideas! *Remember your #BIGchange coordinator is here to help..
Track your impact.Update us on your actions and students progress. Milestones reached unlocks empowerment goodies.
Your now a #BIGchange graduate. Welcome to the alumni family of #BIGchangers. Now you have access to further opportunities and events.
BIGchange Educational programme does really create a BIGchange!

We found that teachers who participate in the programme believe their students are empowered and equipped to lead at school, in their communities and in their future careers.